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About Us

The company Cmp2Day is a collaboration of professionals in the field of photography and production together with educators all with extensive experience.

The company was established to address the need that arose to record, photograph and remember the experiences of journeys, trips and important events. Our business includes youth and adult groups to Poland, tours seeking Jewish roots in the Diaspora, Bar Mitzvah tours to Israel and more. In addition we handle inbound tourism, such as youth and adult groups from the Diaspora and Christian pilgrims, on their tour of the Holy Land.

The basic assumption of the company Cmp2Day is that when a delegation is on its journey it is important for travelers only to see, hear, smell and feel the various experiences, so with the help of a professional photographer accompanying the tour throughout the journey, all the various senses are recorded, in real time, with unique photographs and video.

Our team is able to supply professional answers at all times including relevant content material and up-to-date background information about the tour, all giving an additional important value. Also, an interactive map allowing families at home to track the group’s route. The map includes a graphic description of the route as well as important background material on the various points of interest and their surroundings, enabling those who stayed at home become full-time partners of the tour content.

Each tour group has its own websites where the daily pictures, video clips and background information on the tour can be followed. On this site personal mails can be sent which the traveler will receive printed out the next morning. 

After completing each tour, our company produces a high-quality photo album with background material to be kept as a treasured memory for years.